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12th European Sport Chanbara Championship
6th - 8th May 2022. Serbia


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Rules and Regulations of 12st European Sport Chanbara Championship

1. Hosting organization:    Serbian Kendo Federation

2. Place & date:    Vršac, Serbia
Sports hall "Centar Millennium", address: Omladinski Trg 17, 26300, Vršac,  Serbia
6-8. May 2022. Serbia

3. Event webpage:
4. Events & Schedule:

    Friday 6th of May 2022
•   15:00 Check in hotel
•   17:00 – Wellcome ceremony
•   19:00- General Assembly

    Saturday 7th of May 2022
•   10:00 Open Ceremony
•   11:00-17:00 Competition
    Sunday 8th of May 2022
•   10:00-17:00 Competition
•   19:00 Closing Ceremony
5. General refereeing rules:    International Sport Chanbara Association

6. Categories of the Championship:    The content of the 12th ECC is as follows:

  •   Pioneers A: 9-10 boys/ Pioneers 9-10 girls
  •   Pioneers B: 11-12 boys/ Pioneers 11-12 girls
  •   Cadets A: 13-14 boys/ Cadets 13-14 girls
  •   Cadets B: 15-16 boys/ Cadets 15-16 girls
  •   Juniors A (KYU): 17-20 boys/ Juniors 17-20 girls
  •   Juniors B (DAN): 17-20 boys/ Juniors 17-20 girls
  •   Seniors I A (KYU): 21-24 men/ Seniors 21-24 women
  •   Seniors I B (DAN): 21-24 men/ Seniors 21-24 women
  •   Senior II A(KYU/DAN): 25-39 men
  •   Senior II B(KYU/DAN): 25-39 women
  •   Veterans + 40 (KYU and DAN, men/women)
  •   Senior Male Team Championship with teams composed of maximum 3 (tree) men; Maximum 1 (one) team per countrie;
  •   Senior Female Team Championship with teams composed of maximum 3 (three) women. Maximum 1 (one) team per countrie;
  •   Junior Male Team Championship with teams composed of maximum 3 (three) persons; Maximum 1 (one) team per countrie;
  •   Junior Female Team Championship with teams composed of maximum 3 (three) persons; Maximum 1 (one) team per countrie;

For every category, minimum one „Fighting Spirit" trophy will be awarded.

8. Equipment specifications:    All equipment must be approved by ISCA

9. Rules
concerning the qualification of the competitors and the conditions for participation.
Every competitor must be a member of an organization adhering to the ISCA, and the inscriptions must be handled in by that organization. No individual inscriptions will be allowed. Every competitor must have the nationality of the country he represents (a passport serves as proof).

10. Referees
Appointment of the referees will be entrusted to the hosting organization. Since the level of Sport Chanbara in the region is constantly improving, as a general rule each referee shall have a refree licence at the time of competition, to practice regularly and have sufficient experience. The function of Referee is also incompatible with that of Coach or Manager. Each referee will get set of flags All judges will wear certain uniforms: plain white shirt, plain dark tie, plain light trousers, plain dark blue socks and a plain dark blue jacket.

11. Fees&Payment
Leader of teams will be informed in official letter

12. Special rools
We have to follow regulations about entry to Serbia. For now, it is not imperativ to be vaccinated, but you need to have PCR test (not older than 48h) or Green Certificate if you not vaccinated. In Serbia we accept all vaccine (Sputnic, Sinofarm, Phizer, Astra Zeneca an Jonson)

13. Antidoping rools
All International competition need to have antidoping control. We have inspectors on competitions and they will check 1st and 2st place in all disciplines. All doping substances including energy drinks (which we all know we had at competitions) will be severely sanctioned. Competitors who test positive for doping will be deprived of their medals and the that documents will be send to the countries from which th competitors come. Please introduce your students to this!

14. Live broadcast and media
Due to the fact that we have an audience at the competition, live broadcasting from all arenas is provided. At General Assembly we will demonstrate new software for displaying points, statistics and more ...

15. Deadlines
The online application will be open on April 5 until 20 April. If someone wants earlier, they can fill in the application form and send it by e-mail.

Serbia, 15.March 2022.            
General Secretary Adrijana Barsi       

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